Rotary Evaporators (Rotovap Pumps)

Rotary evaporators are typically used to remove solvents following chemical reactions. Combined with gentle heat from the evaporator bath, controlled vacuum is used to accelerate distillation. Efficient solvent distillation requires vacuum balanced to achieve sufficient pressure reduction yet not overrunning the condensing capabilities of your rotovap.

Welch Vacuum offers a wide range of vacuum pumps and systems suitable for different flask sizes, allowing you to achieve ultimate vacuum levels of 75 to 1 mbar (56.3 to 0.75 torr), and flow rates of up to 138 l/min (4.87 cfm) in your rotary evaporators. Our portfolio also includes a variety of manual and electronic vacuum regulation options, including digital controllers to ensure reliable results.

Dry Fast Chemical Duty Pumps for Rotary Evaporators (Rotovap Pumps)

  • Built-in tuneable vacuum to control evaporation rate
  • Three vacuum levels to meet your needs
  • Rugged chemical duty construction to resist harsh vapors

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Effective 1st July 2020, we are appointed as the official distributor for Gardner Denver Medical Division (Thomas & Welch Pumps) in Australia.

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