Thin Wall Bellows

  • KF Thin Wall Bellows – Stainless Steel
  • Highly flexible with extra thin wall; wall thickness: 0.15mm
  • Thin Wall Bellows are design for bending and contraction
  • Allows misalignment of flange endings
  • To absorbs and isolates vibration from mechanical pumps
  • The fittings are quick to assemble; require the following to create tight / vacuum seal
    • Elastomer O-Ring to seal each flange ending
    • Clamp to fasten each flange ending
  • Used to connecting pipes, valves, pumps
  • Used to build process vacuum plumbing and systems for industrial applications
  • KF Thin Wall Bellows; vacuum fittings that are made of corrosive resistant material – stainless steel
  • Vacuum accessories: pipes, flanges, fittings and adaptor
Size A
KF 16 250mm
KF 16 500mm
KF 16 750mm
KF 16 1000mm
KF 25 250mm
KF 25 500mm
KF 25 750mm
KF 25 1000mm
KF 40 250mm
KF 40 500mm
KF 40 750mm
KF 40 1000mm
KF 50 250mm
KF 50 500mm
KF 50 750mm
KF 50 1000mm

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