Convection & Pirani-Capacitance Gauges

Convection & Pirani-Capacitance Gauges by InstruTech

InstruTech offers a range of vacuum measurement instrumentation that meet the demands of today’s research and development institutions. New developments in vacuum technology provide for enhanced scientific understanding, technical innovation and new products. Vacuum is used for research projects in universities, national laboratories and accelerators as well as in such diverse industries as aerospace, pharmaceuticals, biotech, freeze drying, high energy physics, surface analysis and material sciences.

InstruTech’s popular CVM201 Super Bee convection vacuum gauge module is now offered with a bright and crisp OLED digital display.  The new OLED display offers a significant improvement over the previous LCD design.  The new OLED display is extremely easy to read and allows for a wide viewing angle.

Convection & Pirani-Capacitance Gauges:

  • PCM301 Busy Bee™ Pirani Capacitance
  • CVM201 Super Bee™ Convection
  • CVM211 Stinger™ Convection
  • CVG101 Worker Bee™ Convection

All prices include the supply of a power supply also

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