Freeze Dryer Pumps

Freeze Dryer Pumps by Chemvac

The combination of a chemical duty diaphragm pump with a rotary vane pump was developed to take advantage of the strong specifications of each type of pump.

The two-stage chemical duty diaphragm pump is able to withstand cor­rosive gasses and remove the resulting condensate prior to its absorption in the two-stage rotary vane pump oil by constantly distilling the oil during ope­ration.

The rotary vane pump provides a much lower ultimate vacuum and will have a long life with the pump oil being free of contaminates. The result is a vacuum pump system with the vacuum capabilities of a rotary vane pump combined with the solvent and acid handling capabilities of a PTFE diaphragm pump.

In addition to the standard system models, Welch offers further combination pump systems on request, including systems with different mains voltage and frequency.

Beside the rotary vane pump and the diaphragm pump, Chemvac vacuum systems consist of exhaust oil mist separator (AKD), separator bottle, oil box vacuum gauge, mains cable, plug, KF small flange connections, clamp and centering rings and Labovac.

Applications: Vacuum manifold (Schlenk line), Freeze drying (Lyophilisation), Industrial Applications

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Rotary Vane Pump Systems

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