Edwards Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Edwards is the world leader in vacuum technology for semiconductor, industrial and scientific applications. Edwards Vacuum Pumps is engaged in the development, manufacture and support of a wide range of vacuum pumps, systems, boosters, accessories and other vacuum equipment based on a number of technologies and capable of achieving high vacuums down to 10-7 mbar.

Edwards pioneered the oil-free ‘dry’ pump, originally for the semiconductor industry and subsequently for other industrial processes, and now markets a series of dry pumps using claw, roots, scroll and combined mechanisms. Other pumping technologies include rotary vane, vapour diffusion, turbo-molecular, cryogenic and sputter-ion.

AVT Services can assist in the specification of this technology for your process and has fully trained and equipped staff to ensure ongoing support once you have made the commitment to the brand. Contact us for more details on our services & support.

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