AVT Inland 19 ULTRA Pump Oil

AVT Inland 19 ULTRA Pump Oil is a high-grade general purpose oil that has higher temperature resistance and improved oxidation stability over the standard grade oil. It is highly refined for reduced back-streaming under thermal stress and is able to bond four times as many radicals as standard oil for longer oil life

It ensures that the fluid will endure thermal and chemical stresses much better than standard vacuum pump oil. The ultra-refined process eliminates nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen and the aromatic hydrocarbons, leaving a clear base stock virtually free of impurities. The excellent additive package will not volatilize under thermal stress. The antioxidant will stay in solution and bond up to four times as many radicals as other antioxidants, extending the life of your pump and fluid.

Also available in 1L, 4L, 20L and 205L

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