AVT Inland 45 Vacuum Pump Fluid

AVT Inland 45 is a synthetic hydrocarbon fluid that permits strain-free cold starts as a result of its low pour point and high viscosity index – their viscosity is lower than that of a typical vacuum pump oil at low temperatures. In addition, because Inland 45 maintains its viscosity at high temperatures, it provides a good seal under full-load conditions.

Because of its unique molecular structure, AVT Inland 45 exhibits low vapour pressure, as well as chemical resistance and high temperature stability superior to those of other high performance oils such as white oils. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and reclaimable. Inland 45 is compatible with Buna-N, neoprene, and Viton elastomers; it is also miscible with petroleum-based oils, Freon, aromatic solvents, and flushing fluids. Available in 1L, 4L, 20L and 205L

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