Ultimate by AVT

Ultimate Vacuum Pumps by AVT Services Pty Ltd.

U Series Vacuum Pumps – Australia’s ultimate range of affordable and complete vacuum pumps. Discover why our range is your solution in vacuum pumps.

Ultimate Vacuum Pumps takes pride on producing reliable and superior quality vacuum pumps. Ultimate has incorporated Japanese OKUMA vertical machining center, German WENZEL 3D measuring machine into its manufacturing process. The constant temperature and humidity assembly workshop was completed for product research and testing purposes. The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) data and information management and the lean production management systems are now fully operational.

Ultimate work very well in almost any area of the vacuum industry

Medical – Plasma Sterilisers, Vacuum Freeze drying, Vacuum Mixing.

Illumination – Automatic Line, Semi Automatic Line, Exhaust station

Analytical – Spectrometer, SEM, Leak Detector, Physics & chemistry analytical instruments

Power – SF6 recovery, detecting Instruments

Electronics, Semi-conductor – Vacuum oven, Glove Box, Sapphire furnace, polycrystalline furnace, Single crystal furnace, vacuum annealing, Hardening furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, Heat treatment furnace, evaporation coating, Ion plating, Sputtering equipment, LC injection, Plasma Cleaning, Roughing pump to turbo or diffusion pumps.

Why buy an ULTIMATE Vacuum Pumps?

  • Ultimate vacuum pumps are backed by our nationwide guarantee 18 month warranty.
  • 33% of the price of similar pumps from traditional brands.
  • Local service and support by our factory trained service personal.
  • Fixed price servicing
  • Ultimate Vacuum 4 X 10 -2 Pa
  • Noise level < 62dB
  • Range of Sizes from 4 m3/hr to 65 m3/hr
  • Comes with an generated test curve to ensure you receive a quality pump
  • All the rubbers are use FPM material, this can ensure resist the corrosion of H2 O2 or the gas weak
  • The material of some main parts is stainless steel, with high performance of corrosion resistant.
  • Resistance to hydrogen peroxide, can be used for long service life
  • FKM of all O-rings.
  • FKM of Coupling Element.
  • FKM shaft seal, manufactured in Germany, long lasting 6000h.
  • The material of the Rotary Vane Spring is stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel spring.
  • The surface of the shaft is treated with aerospace technology, ensure no leaking for the oil seal and extend the service life.
  • Oil out let nipple, which can extended with the tube.
  • Pump can be started at ambient temperature of 5℃.
  • The shaft seal is import from Japan, and the shaft has been treated with high-tech process, this can ensure the good sealing during the long durability.

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Ultimate U-16

$2,950.00 (ex GST)

Ultimate U-24

$4,142.00 (ex GST)

Ultimate U-30

$5,105.00 (ex GST)

Ultimate U-4

$2,100.00 (ex GST)

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