GeminYe PFPE by AVT Services Pty Ltd

GeminYe PFPE – Lubricants / Vacuum Pump Oil Fluid. It is non-flammable, low vapour pressure chemically inert mechanical pump oil. Good radiation stability and resists attack by corrosive gases. High dielectric strength with extended service life. Safe for oxygen service.

A drop-in replacement and direct equivalent to other PFPE brand vacuum oils, geminYe fluids are completely mixable with Fomblin®, Krytox®, and other brand inert PFPE fluids of the same grade.

AVT’s GeminYe PFPE range of lubricants are a less expensive alternative to the Fomblin range.

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GeminYe 06 1kg

$1,023.41 (ex GST)

GeminYe 14 1kg

$1,023.41 (ex GST)

GeminYe 16 1kg

$1,023.41 (ex GST)

GeminYe 25 1kg

$1,023.41 (ex GST)

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