Frequently Asked Questions

No there is no minimum order limit for our products.

You have the option of paying by credit card, PayPal, electronic bank transfer or on account for account customers.

If an item you have received is damaged in some way, you can contact us and we can organise an exchange or credit for your account. This will require photographic proof of the damages. If an item is missing from your order please get in contact with us within 7 days.

Please feel free to call the office for any stock enquires. We usually keep the website up to date with stock levels though.

Yes we sell to individuals as well as businesses.

Our highly trained technicians are here for you. Services include repairs, inspections, preventative maintenance, spare parts, fit outs, installations and dismantling of equipment and much more.

Pump service is dependent on the application the pump is being used in. Dirty applications that introduce a lot of contaminants into the oil or inlet of the pump will require more frequent services. It’s imperative that recommended foreline traps be used for each application, the oil quality is monitored regularly with oil changes when required and a full overhaul on a pump is done every 3 years (to ensure its longevity).

Yes, AVT uses authorised Australian Electricians to ensure the equipment that we supply adheres to the Australian Electrical Compliance Standards.

We have AVT offices in all capital cities of Australian States with local service technicians available.

We supply and service all kinds of equipment that use vacuum on them – both Scientific and Industrial. AVT only staffs qualified Sales and Service Engineers to provide technical and knowledge based solutions towards all applications unlike our “brochure based” competitors. We have both in-house and onsite service capabilities with installation and as well as ongoing maintenance contract options.

We supply almost all kinds of equipment that use vacuum on them such as your laboratory equipment like Vacuum Ovens, Furnaces, CVD Systems, Gauges, ALD Systems, Fittings… the lot and as well as other industrial vacuum based equipment. We’ve been supplying these for many years now and these are procures on a daily basis by all Australian Universities, Laboratories, Institutes and Business throughout Australia and NZ.

The service life of the oil will depend on the application and working environment. As a “Rule of Thumb”, when the oil becomes discoloured, replace the oil. Oil is cheaper than having the pump overhauled. Good quality oil should be clear in colour.

Vapours can condense in a vacuum pump and mix with the oil to form an emulsion. This emulsion can damage the pump. By using the gas ballast, a small amount of air enters the pump and mixes with the vapours. This dilutes the vapour and has less tendency to condense. By using “Gas Ballast”, condensable’s in the oil can be purged out over time keeping the oil clean.

Motor engine oil contains additives not suited to the sealing components of vacuum pumps. Genuine vacuum pump oil inhibit properties that protect pumps to provide lubrication, reduce operating temperature and suppress noise.

Rule of thumb is to keep the contents out of direct sunlight and in a suitable room temperature environment to prevent the properties of the oil from degrading. Modern day vacuum pump oil may last up to 3 years if stored and sealed properly.

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