WOB-L Piston Pumps

WOB-L Piston Pumps (Dry) by Welch

WOB-L piston pumps are reliable dry vacuum/pressure pumps for physical and aqueous vapor applications, where corrosion resistance is not required (not recommended for pumping acidic, basic, or organic fumes).

Each WOB-L piston pump includes vacuum regulators, pressure regulators (single head models only) and gauges for simple adjusting and monitoring of vacuum level and delivery pressure. To protect the pump from the ingestion of water, an inlet water trap with a float ball rises to seal the pump if needed. A muffler ensures a very low sound level during pump operation, which makes the daily work with WOB-L more comfortable.

  • High Performance and Durability
  • Compact, Reciprocating Design for Vacuum or Pressure
  • Oil-less, non-lube piston and cylinder
  • Lightweight die-cast aluminum components or highly wear-resistant plastic
  • Single stage and multistage models
  • Balanced for low vibration operation
  • All wetted aluminum parts treated for corrosion protection from moisture
  • Long-life, high performance piston seal
  • Permanently lubricated bearings
  • Flow rates up to 7.1 cfm (200 l/min), pressure to 160 psi (11 bar), vacuum down to 29.1 in.Hg (-990 mbar)

Application: Desiccation, Vacuum Chambers, Vacuum Ovens, Aqueous Vacuum/ Pressure Filtration

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