HTC vacuum valves will function reliably in applications ranging from semiconductor production system with chemical and particulate contamination. Vacuum valve are a device that directs the flow of air or fluid to create a vacuum environment. Vacuum valves are operated inside vacuum machinery that use vacuum gauges and switches to control the flow of air or pressure inside the vacuum valve and release the pressure when needed for its application. Vacuum valve can be used in rough vacuum, high vacuum (HV), or ultra-high vacuum (UHV) environment.

HTC vacuum manufacturer is pleased to offer vacuum valve designed and manufactured in Taiwan and China. All of HTC’s vacuum valves are 100% leak tested. These vacuum valves are the result of a long and careful development program designed to insure product quality, reliability, and value. Every effort has been made to provide a valve family suited to the requirements of various users.

AVT Services is proud to represent Highlight Tech Corp (HTC Vacuum).

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