Klüber Lubrication

Klüber Lubrication

Klüber (Formerly Fomblin) Lubricating greases: sustainably resolving wear and corrosion with the optimal grease choice

Wherever there is friction in a mechanical system, wear and corrosion can obstruct your production process and damage your machinery. You can resolve this issue with high-quality lubricating greases – because the optimal grease lubrication helps you keep your production up and running and your machines in good condition.

Innovative specialty lubricants

Tribological solutions are our passion. Benefit from our expert consulting, our forward-looking developments and a comprehensive range of speciality lubricants.

At a glance: lubricating greases from Klüber (Formerly Fomblin) Lubrication

Excellent solutions for mechanical friction: effective and sustained protection against wear, corrosion and risks from external factors.

Proven track record for individual requirements: applications for our reliable speciality lubricants include valves and fittings, rolling and plain bearings, gears, plastics, contacts, pneumatic components and many more.

High-quality solutions from the world market leader: competence and expertise based on more than 90 years of research and experience.

GeminYe greases from AVT are an inexpensive alternative to Klüber grease. It can be purchase from our online store.

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