Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

At Telstar, we are specialists in laboratory equipment related to temperature. With help of our strong team of service minded distributors we offer a solid and user friendly package of Ultra Low Temperature Freezers that get to -86ºC. We differentiate ourselves by our flexible way of delivering our standard products with the requested customized features you need.

Telstar offers a comprehensive range of Ultra Low Temperature freezers (ULT -86ºC) covering a range from 370 to 830 liters. Our units integrate ultra-Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP) to create 30% more storage capacity on the same footprint. With only 80 mm of insulation, this VIP technology will give better insulation performance than 125 mm of regular PU foam. The use of 100% pure natural refrigerants, the low power consumption and low noise level, make Telstar ULT Green Line  state of the art Ultra Low Temperature freezers. Reliability for your valuable samples is safeguarded with help of a high capacity cooling system. A microprocessor control system monitors all parameters and visual and acoustic alarm systems warn user on any anomaly. A very smart design allows easy installation in the laboratory and easy maintenance. Some models are also available with water cooling to minimize energy consumption in laboratory.

Check our chest and upright Ultra Low Temperature freezers. Both offer safe and reliable storage capacity in a compact and user friendly design. The combination of low power consumption, lowest noise level and the standard use of ecological, green refrigerants make them the most environmental friendly ULT freezer available in the market.

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