Upright Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

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Laboratory space is valuable. Compared to traditional freezers, Telstar Boreas Upright Ultra Low Temperature Freezer use ultra-thin vacuum insulation panels. With only 80 mm of insulation, they guarantee a much better insulation value than the 125 mm standard PU foam. A temperature of -86oC is guaranteed for an ambient up to +30oC. Furthermore thin insulation increases the storage capacity by up to 30%.

The Boreas Upright Ultra Low Temperature Freezer upright series is available in three sizes; U445, U570 and U830 litres capacity to meet the needs of the customer looking for either a small footprint or a unit with a very large capacity. The height and depth off all Boreas units never changes, only the width does, ensuring any unit can pass through narrow doors.

The adoption of green gases puts the Boreas series ahead of upcoming regulations that will ban the use of the traditional mix of synthetic potent greenhouse gases normally used in ULTs.

Taking responsibility for the environment

Safety for your samples is paramount but why not be kind to the environment as well? Telstar has embraced this ideology and always uses ecological refrigerants in its freezers.

Unlike the traditional used mixed synthetic potent greenhouse gases, Telstar is a pioneer in using 100% pure natural refrigerants. CFC, HCFC and HFC free. In addition the hydrocarbon systems used by Telstar are safety compliant in accordance with EN60335-2-24.

Low sound level and low power consumption

The Boreas green line only uses high quality and energy efficient compressors. Combined with the use of natural refrigerants it achieves a mix of low power consumption and noise levels, around 50 dB(A) , in line with  NEN-EN-ISO 11202 requirements. 

Key Features

Large and optimized storage capacity

Reduced footprint

Stainless Steel interior

Excellent cooling performance

Natural green refrigerants

Low power consumption

Low noise level

Easy filter cleaning

Total reliability

Ergonomic design

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