90 Degree Elbows

  • KF 90 Degree Elbows
  • Basic curved elbow fittings
  • Glass blasted on both inside and outside surface
  • Require the following to create tight / vacuum seal
    • Elastomer O-Ring to seal each flange ending
    • Clamp to fasten each flange ending
  • Can be heated up to 150°C
  • Ideal for high vacuum process and applications
  • Used to build process vacuum plumbing and systems for industrial applications
  • Used to make a right angle change of direction between two flange faces
  • Used to connecting pipes, valves, pumps
  • They are easy to use and quick to assemble
  • KF 90 degree elbows are made of corrosive resistant material – stainless steel
  • Vacuum accessories: pipes, flanges, fittings and adaptor
Size A
KF 16 38.3
KF 25 56.2
KF 40 78.4
KF 50 107

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