Mass-Vac Vacuum Filters & Accessories

At Mass-Vac, their focus has always been to provide the world’s finest vacuum inlet traps, exhaust traps, and oil filtration systems. If your process is demanding, your success critical, and you have to “get it right” the first time you need to choose Mass-Vac.

Their product lines fall into three basic categories: Vacuum Inlet Traps, Vacuum Pump Accessories, and Degassing Systems.

Products provide:

  • Efficient positive seal filtration that forces gas stream through the filtration media.
  • Ability to combine different trapping methodology in one unit.
  • Flexibility to add trapping capacity to an existing installation.
  • Flexibility to use same trapping hardware for different or changing applications.

Vacuum Inlet Traps

High-capacity, high-efficiency vacuum inlet traps. Mass- Vac’s VisiTrapPosi-Trap, and Multi-Trap provide unparalleled protection for pumps and exhaust lines.


Vacuum Inlet trap with transparent Sump
Select inserts for trapping particles, water, oil, or corrosive chemicals.
Transparent sump shows when to change insert without removing from vacuum system.

Pump Accessories

Everything you need for your vacuum pump systems: Our Visi-MistMidi-Mist and Maxi-Mist oil filtration systems provide you with what you need.

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