VISI-MIST Oil Mist Eliminator

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Visible protection from oil “smoke” and vapors

VISI-MIST Oil Mist Eliminator by Mass-Vac

  • Removes oil mist from vacuum pump exhaust
  • Protects clean rooms from pump vapors
  • Keeps oil residue from sticking to furniture, walls, and floors
  • Coalescing filters require little maintenance

When you start a vacuum pump, a cloud of gray “smoke” comes out of the exhaust. That’s a mist of pump fluid. After the pump has been running for a while, you may not see the mist, but it’s still there. A haze forms in rooms where vacuum pumps are running—oil mist gets into the air, settles on surfaces, and you breathe it. Oil mist is a nuisance everywhere—but it’s especially bad in clean rooms. If you’ve ever touched a sticky tabletop near a vacuum pump, you know that cleaning up after oil mist is no joke.

There’s an easy answer to the oil mist problem—install an MV VisiMist Oil Mist Eliminator on your pump’s exhaust line. Pump
exhaust passes through pleated, low-resistance micro fiberglass coalescing filters that remove mist before it gets into room air. Unlike conventional filters, which are quickly saturated with absorbed oil, a coalescing filter forms oil drops which flow to the bottom of the filter housing. The result? Coalescing fibers effectively remove oil longer than conventional designs, so you’re not changing filters all the time.

An MV VISI-MIST® oil mist eliminator attaches to your pump’s exhaust line, directing the exhaust through a pleated, low-resistance micro fiberglass coalescing filter that removes mist before it gets into the room air. The clear styrene sump provides direct inspection of the status of the filter without disassembly.

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