Rotary Valves

TriContinent High Quality Rotary Shear Valves

TriContinent offer Rotary Valves that are well-known in the industry for their unsurpassed long lifetime and reliability. By using our rotary valves, your instrument will benefit from longer up-time, lower service costs, and increased customer satisfaction.

How Do Syringe Pumps Work?

Our syringe pump liquid handling module can accomplish all aspiration and dispensing operations. The stepper motor-driven syringe accurately and precisely handles fluids using various volume syringes ranging from a few microliters to 12.5 milliliters. The syringe drive arm can be easily back driven, making syringe installation or replacement extremely quick and easy.

TriContinent’s syringe pumps work by filling a syringe with the desired medium (aspiration) and emptying the syringe (dispensing) after changing the flow path with a valve. The syringe pump consists of three components: a syringe, a drive mechanism and a valve which is often a so-called rotary shear valve. The simplest case is a 3-port valve where one port is connected with the syringe, another port acts as the inlet and the third port serves as the outlet port.

What does the workflow look like?

1.    The plunger moves up and the syringe is emptied – the system is now at its starting point.

2.    The valve switches to the inlet position.

3.    The plunger moves down and the syringe is filled with medium (aspiration).

4.    Then the valve switches to the outlet position

5.    The plunger moves up and syringe dispenses the desired volumes The process repeats until the syringe is completely empty.  Once done, the syringe pump can start aspiration of the new medium.

TriContinent’s rotary valve can last for up to four million switching cycles, which has been shown during a competitive valve study.

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