Rapidox 5100 Portable Multigas Analyser

June 13, 2019

Rapidox 5100 Portable Multigas Analyser

Give your gas analysis requirements the ‘green light’

Rapidox 5100 Gas Analyser by Cambridge Sensotec

Rapidox 5100 Gas Analyser
Rapidox 5100 Gas Analyser by Cambridge Sensotec
Portable Multigas Analyser
Features Include:
  • Full-colour touch screen
  • 12 months’ data storage
  • Bespoke sensor combinations
  • Permanent or sampling modes available
  • Excel compatible data logging downloadable via a USB memory stick
Finally, we must highlight the true portability of the analyser. The analyser is housed within a robust heavy-duty IP66 case, so you needn’t worry taking it out into the field. As with all our products, technology is not compromised either; full laboratory functionality and a thermal printer to provide on-site test results are built in. Rest assured, the Rapidox 5100 is suitable for nearly every environment.

If you would like to learn more about the Rapidox 5100 Portable Multigas Analyser, download the technical specification.

If you require more information about the 5100, or would like to discuss your requirements, please email or call us at 1800 55 99 88 .

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