E beam Evaporation System

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Auto 306 E beam Evaporation System

  • CIRCA 2000 unit
  • Refurbished and customised on request (additional cost apply)
  • Water Cooled Chamber with removable internal shielding
  • Inficon SQM160 Thickness Monitor with Single Crystal Head Analyzer
  • Heated Rotating Sample Holder
  • Capable of continuous and fixed (indexed) sample holding positions
  • Includes Edwards STP 451C Maglev Turbo Pump and Controller with Edwards RV12 Backing Pump
  • 3kW, 50-amp Power Supply for the E-Beam Systems (no E-Beam gun included)
  • System operational
  • Auto 306 Electron Beam Evaporation

Auto 306 E beam Evaporation System from Edwards is a thermal evaporation system that achieves high vacuum values for an optimal physical deposition of the target to the sample. This system can deposit ultra pure films of materials with high melting points, and other materials that are difficult to deposit by resistance evaporation.

Very fast deposition rates can be achieve using electron beam evaporation. Electron beam sources can hold more evaporant than resistance sources which allows the deposition of thick films and multiple coatings before the need to refill electron beam sauce.

Also available for hire, contact info@avtservices.com.au for equipment hire.

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