Servicing and Refurbishment of PLV Tanks

August 26, 2021

Servicing and Refurbishment of PLV Tanks

AVT can look after Servicing and Refurbishment of all your PLV tanks

What can you expect from our team:

  • Heat and Dry each inner tank
  • Re-evacuate the tank to a vacuum of 5 X 10-4 mbar or better
  • Re activate the getter and molecular sieve
  • Verify pressure relief valves against a known standard
  • Replace REGO line relief valves with customer supplied valves
  • Inspect valves for integrity and serviceability
  • Repaint valve handles
  • Supply a Certificate of service detailing the vacuum achieved and any replacement parts used or repairs done
  • Clean the outside of tanks and remove stickers

Dewar & PLV

At AVT Services, we have technicians working both in-house and out on-site to meet our customers’ servicing needs. We not only service and repair the pumps we supply, but all other major brands and types of pumping equipment.

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