Battery Research

September 1, 2020

Battery Research

New Equipment introduced for Battery Research by MTI Corporation

MTI Corporation has introduced the EQ-BGP-R8-D Multi-Vessel Rotary Reactor Up to 250°C For Hydro-thermal Mixing & Milling within its ever growing range of new equipment available for Battery and Laboratory Research. The EQ-BGP-R8-D  is a multi-vessel rotary mixer in built within an oven capable of achieving up to 250°C and 130 Mpa pressure for high-temperature mixer , ball milling and homogeneous hydrothermal processing (with various vessel or jar from 50ml to 200ml). The low-temperature hydrothermal synthesis method has been drawing ever-growing attention due to the fact that it has many advantages over conventional methods for preparing promising cathode material LiFePO4. More information on the process can be viewed here.

MTI’s engineering team has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing various type of rechargeable battery, and help many research institutes and R&D Company set up battery research labs worldwide. Now, MTI is the world leading supplier in providing desktop machines and tools for battery development; from battery powder preparation to electrode film coating, to test cell comprising.

AVT Services as the local exclusive distributor for MTI Corporation within Australia, equipment for laboratory and battery research is easily accessible with extensive product knowledge and local after-sales support. Each MTI product imported is quality tested by Australian electrical experts to ensure the equipment complies with the Australian Electrical Standards.

Check out the full list of MTI equipment available.

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