WRG Pirani Tube Spares Kit


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WRG Pirani Tube Spares Kit by Edwards

The Edwards WRG-S Wide Range Gauge Pirani Tube Replacement D14701803 allows user to replace and repair WRG Gauge on site.

WRG Gauge family offers the capability of single port pressure measurement in the range from atmosphere to 10-9 mbar with a linear output. WRG Pirani Tube Spares Kit –  Its a compact solution, halving the space and connectivity hardware requirement, which can be all important in many applications.

The Edwards WRG Vacuum Gauge has many advanced features, including a new patented striker, easy push button calibration and set point controls and comprehensive diagnostics.

The Edwards WRG Gauge is a low maintenance and cost effective vacuum management solution when used either with a Edwards Gauge controller or directly integrated into the vacuum system controls.

Product ID#: D14701803

Edwards genuine spare parts are produced to the same high standards and specifications as their production pumps, ensuring that you enjoy reliable service for years to come and helping to provide a lower life cycle cost.

AVT Services also service and repair Edwards vacuum pumps. Contact us for more information.

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