Vacuum Controller 1640A-01

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Vacuum Controller 1640A-01

Welch Model 1640 Vacuum controller to automatically regulate vacuum level  – any apparatus, any vacuum pump up to 100 L/min. Typical applications are rotary or centrifugal evaporation.  Controls from 2 torr to atmospheric pressure.

Use the handy keypad to program up to 5 methods, each controlling vacuum for up to 2 solvents for a stipulated time period. Can control real-time interactively or continuously.

Powered by 12 VDC, the 1640A-01 controller comes complete with a universal adapter for 11-240V AC,
50 / 60 Hz.

Product Details

  • Easy to set up, program and operate
  • Rack mountable – save hood space
  • Corrosion resistant

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