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Meet TriTon (XYZ) – TriContinent‘s OEM Liquid Handling Robot

OEM liquid handling robot module for liquid handling workstations, automated liquid handling systems, and other laboratory automation instruments.

TriContient’s OEM XYZ liquid handling robot module is available with single or dual robotic arms that can be programmed to operate independently. We design Triton to automate common liquid handling tasks such as manual pipetting, sample preparation, cap piercing, or tube stripping.

Its modular design enables TriTon to be equipped with electronic pipetting modules to precisely move liquids and, thanks to automated pipetting, reduce pipetting errors and minimize downtime. Extensive lifecycle tests show that XYZ robotic arms reliability exceeds 5 million moves on the X&Y axis and 10 million moves on the Z-axis. High-step resolution (0.005 in. [0.127]/half-step resolution) provides the precision required for any robotic pipette system. Our SoftLinx lab automation control software provides an easy integration of third-party instruments and accessories with over 200 software plug-ins.

In addition, the TriContinent team can help you meet your liquid handling application needs with one of our 15 standardized configurations or with a customized liquid handler robot configuration. Equipped with TriContinent air-displacement electronic pipettes, TriTon is a candidate for pipetting robot you are looking for.

Competitive Advantages of TriTon XYZ Liquid Handling Robot:

  • Rigid Y-arm that eliminates the need for the space-consuming gantry, providing expanded user access and improved septum (cap) piercing
  • Cap piercing force capability of over 10 lb
  • Full quadrature encoders provide high-resolution error detection and “crash recovery” options
  • Long-life flex cables on all axes eliminate the need to replace cables

Selected Optional Features Include:

  • Single or dual Y-arm options
  • Scalability of all robotic arm axes
  • Electronics from fully loaded electronics/firmware to direct electro-mechanical interface CCU for Tecan® RSP Emulation
  • Additional devices (e.g., Syringe Pumps) can be added that communicate over two RS-485 busses
  • Fully adjustable liquid level detection with a high degree of sensitivity (forget about isolation blocks or coax cables)
  • Tube stripper mechanism for cap piercing applications

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