Temescal Mount PopTop Multi-Pocket E-guns

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Temescal Mount PopTop Multi-Pocket E-guns

Virtually Eliminates Cross-Contamination

Temescal’s patented PopTop® e-beam sources offer enhanced convenience, reliability, and throughput in applications ranging from optical and microelectronic production to compound semiconductors and specialized R & D coatings. The key to these performance enhancements is Temescal’s pneumatically actuated “PopTop” crucible cover, which is raised automatically before turret rotation. The net benefit is the virtual elimination of cross-contamination.

Key Features

  • Movable crucible cover, which rises before crucible is rotated
  • Pneumatically driven, low-impact cover motion
  • Lip of cover recessed around exposed pocket
  • Raised structures on underside of cover interlock with crucible web walls
  • Virtual elimination of cross-contamination
  • Minimal deposition on web walls and on cover margins around exposed pocket
  • Reduced risk of damage to source and turret indexer
  • Removable/replaceable cover and crucible enable easy source convertibility
  • Enhanced crucible cooling improves thermal stability during evaporation
  • Adjustable internal and external pole piece extensions optimize beam spot control, regardless of beam position
  • Ultra-stable magnetics eliminate the need to regauss magnetic parts following source disassembly
  • Power ratings: 1-10 kW (Model 2PT) and 1-12 kW (Model 3PT)

Understanding The Benefits of Temescal’s PopTop source Design

CLICK HERE for diagrams that illustrate how the design of the PopTop cover eliminates cross-contamination and reduces deposition on the lip of the cover around the exposed pocket.

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