Temescal FC-2000 / BJD-2000

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Temescal FC2000 / BJD-2000 Bell Jar Deposition System

Convertible Bell Jar for Small-Scale Production and R&D Applications

Temescal BJD-2000 and Temescal FC-2000 are versatile evaporation systems that accept a variety of accessories to meet almost any requirement. Engineered for efficient operation and clean room compatibility, these systems combine maximum flexibility with ease of use. The FC-2000 is a fast- cycle, load-locked system that allows the source to remain under vacuum during substrate reloading. The BJD-2000 is non-load-locked.

Convenient Maintenance

The offset pumping port, the hinged door panels, and the swingout source tray are high-value maintenance features in Temescal bell-jar systems. The offset pumping design reduces unscheduled downtime by minimizing the possibility of debris entering the pumping module. The hinged door panels open to the pumping system and the vacuum chamber. The electric hoist and the swing-out source tray facilitate access for evaporant reloading, cleaning, and maintenance. Access to the water manifold, the bellows-sealed high-vacuum valve, and other pumping system components is also simple and direct.

Key Features:

  • Non-load-locked BJD-2000 and load-locked Temescal FC-2000, both with a single cryopump
  • Source tray supports multiple electron beam and resistance sources
  • Standard source-to-substrate distance: 19.5″
  • S-S distance with optional source well extension collar: 27.5″
  • Field upgrade kit allows conversion into an FC-2800 or a BCD-2800

Temescal Control System

The Temescal Control System (TCS) provides fully integrated, recipe-driven process and vacuum control. Operating in any of three password-protected modes, the TCS also offers process variable monitoring, process and historical trend tracking, and process data logging.

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