Split Test Cell with Beryllium EQSTCBEW

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Split Test Cell with Beryllium (Be) Window for In-situ XRD Analysis of Battery Electrode – EQSTCBEW by MTI Corporations.

EQ-STC-BEW split-able test cell features a 40 mm Dia. Beryllium (Be) Window which allows in-situ XRD analysis of battery material phase transitions during charging/discharging cycles. Such a cell can accommodate various sizes (15, 19, 20 and 24 mm diameter) of electrodes and separators. It is designed for easy & quick assembling tests of the electrode materials of rechargeable batteries.

MTI has granted the patent 2016205216261 for the Split Test Cell with Beryllium (Be) Window for In-situ XRD Analysis – EQ-STC-BEW since June 2016.

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