Reagent Dosing Pump – LT Syringe Pump

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Every aspect of the Reagent Dosing Pump / LT syringe pump has been specifically designed to assure trouble free operation for the life of the syringe pump.

  • NO calibration required
  • NO high fluid pulsation
  • NO leaking bellows or diaphragms
  • NO ceramics that seize when dry
  • NO consumable syringes

Along with a full range of syringe sizes, there are valve, encoder and electronic options to meet almost every instrument application and budget.

TriContinent  the best materials and designs together using manufacturing processes to ensure optimum alignment of the drive, seal and syringe barrel. The end result is a high value syringe pump that is “elegant in its simplicity.” The LT syringe pump has all the accuracy and precision characteristics of ordinary syringe pumps without syringe replacement schedules and user accessibility concerns. You enjoy longer instrument “up time” and the freedom to design instruments without consuming valuable working area.

TriContinent syringe pumps are ideal for next generation sequencing (NGS), lab automation, life science, and IVD instrument manufacturers who are looking to maximize the investment they have already made in their existing instrumentation.

All our syringe pumps utilize standard communication protocols and mounting configurations used by other compact syringe pump designs, thereby eliminating expensive and time-consuming re-development.

At TriContinent, we customize our products to the exact requirements of our client’s application. We have a long and successful history of providing application specific OEM syringe pumps for our customers. These vary from simple modifications of standard syringe pumps or liquid handling (XYZ) robots, to melding the key features of existing technology platforms. We also provide completely custom designed syringe pumps and accessories to reduce service costs and field failures in our customer’s existing instruments.

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Reagent Dosing Pump

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