Minipet Micropipettes

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Air Displacement Semi-Disposable Pipette

The MiniPet®, one of TriContinent ’s OEM micropipettes, is the world’s best-selling micropipette. Main benefits are compact design, precision dispensing, durable materials, and a wide range of volumes and color variations.

  • Accurate and precise dispensing
  • Uses standard 0—200 μL disposable pipetting tips
  • Dispense Volume: 5 μL – 200 μL
  • Compact design
  • Durable materials
  • Custom colors with your name and logo
  • Optional DeTipper Bottle for easy removal and disposal of used sample tips

MiniPet – TriContinent’s OEM Air Displacement Micropipettes

The MiniPet is a manual, semi-disposable, single-channel micropipette designed to accurately and precisely transfer liquid in microliter volumes range and handle thousands of pipettings. To meet a variety of pipetting tasks, our pipettes offer you a wide pipetting volume range of 5 uL up to 200 uL, using generic disposable pipetting tips. The Mini Pet’s durable molded plastic stands up to the rigors of the lab, and assures accurate measurements of the volume dispensed.

Accurate and Precise Liquid Transfer

TriContinent MiniPet micropipette provides as low as +/-3% accuracy and 2% precision at full stroke. For this reason, it provides a precise, accurate, and an affordable method for routine pipetting applications.

Micropipettes – Crucial Instrument for Point of Care Diagnostic Kits

With COVID-19 pandemic still active around the globe, healthcare companies are providing portable test kits to detect the novel coronavirus at any location. Our micropipette is widely used for diagnostic kits at point of care points offering wide scale testing coverage.

The MiniPet micropipette provides high value whether used for single pipetting or when used for multiple pipettings by replacing the disposable tips. This makes it the best low-cost solution compared with bulb pipettes or handheld pipettors. This is especially true in environments where the pipette can become easily contaminated, such as while testing new COVID-19 variants. In addition, MiniPet micropipettes can be disposed of and replaced at a low cost.

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