Freeze Dryer LyoBeta

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Advanced Research & Scale Up Freeze Dryer LyoBeta by Telstar

The Lyobeta freeze-dryer as a laboratory unit especially designed for R+D biotech, clinical and pharmaceutical applications is designed and manufactured to satisfy the demands required by laboratory equipment user’s, meeting the cGLP guidelines.

The freeze dryer Lyobeta is manufactured as a one self-standing unit, saving as much space as possible in your facility. It is built with top quality materials and components, applying advanced techniques backed up by our experience of more than 60 years.

The chamber and condenser as well as all other subsystems (vacuum pump, refrigeration compressors, etc.) are housed inside an oven-dried enamel steel enclosure, placed on swiveling casters. It is therefore easy to move the unit around.

Telstar freeze-dryers are thoroughly tested in our factory in real working conditions and its compact design and construction provides an easy installation and commissioning at site.

The LyoBeta unit allows fully automatically processing of a complete freeze drying cycle according to specific profiles. The process recipes are easily edited on the touch-screen, or the LyoSuite SCADA software, and run in automatic, semiautomatic or manual modes. At any moment, the automatic mode can be switched off, held, restarted or switched over to semiautomatic or manual modes.

  • Easy to scale-up process to industrial freeze-dryers.
  • Include as standard options:
    • Isolation valve
    • Stoppering device
    • Air/water cooled
    • Security sensor open/closed door
  • Condenser 30 Kg, minimum T -85ºC
  • Shelves temperature from -60ºC up to 80ºC
  • From 0,45m2 up to 0,9m2 useful shelves area
  • Exchangeable distance between shelves
  • Fully updated and redesigned control system
  • User friendly
  • Allows use of a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software.
  • Easy to locate in final position and can also be moved through standard laboratory doors.

Unit suitable for laboratories: compact unit mounted on casters, easy to install.

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