Floor Stand Fume Hood with Lamp & Blower

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Floor-Stand Fume Hood with Lamp & Blower with optional Carbon-filtered Enclosures, 60″Wx 24″Dx 48″H, EQ-FH-60

by MTI Corporation

The floor-stand EQ-FH-60 fume hood provides a working space that minimizes the chance of damages from a hazardous situation. The fume hood is equipped with tempered glass with an anti-shattering film, centrifugal fan, and vapor-proof low-voltage LED light.  It is an ideal fume-hood for the material research lab to handle flammable or corrosive gasses. It is a 68-inch wide platform that can accommodate large three-zone tubing furnaces.


  • Ducted type fume hood
  • Steel frame with tempered glass front panel
  • Anti-shattering film on front glass panel: the film holds shattered glass in place to minimize damage from broken glass.
  • The round side door on each side for easy access to the flange on the furnace.
  • Chemical-resistant laminate platform
  • Fire retardant Compact Grade Laminate plates (Rear & side)
  • Blow Rate:  1995 M³/ hour = 33 M³/minute = 1165 CF/minute

Power Requirement

  • 110V 60Hz
  • 220V +/-10% Single Phase configuration is available at extra cost (>300W transformer is needed)


  • Inline Centrifugal blower (ETL Listed)
  • Flow Rate:           CFM: 780
  • Speed:                 RPM: 2480
  • Power:                 110V, 2.1Amps
  • Fan Diameter:      10 inch


  • Overall dimension: 68″W x 32″D x 57″H
  • Shipping weight 555 lbs with dimensions of 77″x40″x80″


  • Two Power Plugs are installed inside the hood
  • Low-voltage, spark-free LED vapor-proof light
  • 10″ hose port   ( hose pipe is not included )

Application Note

  • If your lab required to reduce the airflow needed, you may need to limit the door height (sash height for example 18″) during operation. Please email us before ordering, we could add a height limit for the fume hood. Work at proper Window Sash Height. The full personal protection provided at this opening blower cuts out with a lowered window.
  • We suggest accommodating CVD or hydrogen furnace with a fume hood.
  • Please email us for more information of Floor Mounted Fume Hoods/Walk-In Fume Hoods

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