Digital Pressure Controlled Electric Crimper MSK160E

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Digital Pressure Controlled Electric Crimper for CR20XX Coin Cells (Ar Glovebox Compatible) – MSK-160E by MTI Corporations.

MSK-110D is a newly designed CE Certified coin cell disassembler with lighter weight and a smaller footprint. The coin cell disassembling machine is suitable for disassembling various types of coin cells, such as CR2032, CR2025, and CR2016, without destroying the internals of the cell in order to study the materials inside. It can also disassemble CR2325, CR2450, and other special size cases with optional die sets. In addition, customers can easily replace the original die for crimping purpose. MSK-110D is designed for operations outside a glove box.  (An aluminum tray is included since July 20, 2016).

MTI has granted the patent 201120462024.0 for the Electric Coin Cell Crimpers MSK-160E since July 2012.

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