CX-Series Syringe Pump

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  • CX-Series Syringe pump by TriContinent module designed for liquid handling in automated instrumentation
  • Exceptional precision and accuracy
  • 6cm stroke for syringe sizes from 50 µL – 25 mL
  • Excels for large volumes/flows
  • Optimized for very low flow applications requiring minimal pulsation
  • Accommodates valves with up to 6 ports in a variety of configurations
  • Utilizes industry standard communication protocols and mounting configurations
  • Designed for long life and high reliability

Superior Liquid Handling Performance

The CX6000 and CX48000 provide extremely high accuracy and precision for low volume dispensing, diluting and pipetting. It is also an ideal solution for applications that require low flow rates and low pulsation as it achieves a resolution of up to 384,000 micro steps/full stroke.

Thanks to their compact design and flexible configurations our pumps are used for liquid handling tasks across a wide range of applications such as Diagnostics, Next-Gen Sequencing, Flow Cytometry, Sample Preparation in general and many more.

Flexible Configuration & Customizable

We offer syringe sizes between 50 μL to 25 mL and different valve options with 3, 4 and 6-way for transferring liquids from and to multiple sources.

In case your instrument requires a customized solution we are also able to accommodate customer specific designs and configurations.


The CX-Series syringe pumps are highly robust and reliable as they utilize a proprietary high-efficiency, direct-drive design that does not use belts that can stretch or wear out. The robust drive mechanism has been life-tested and lasts several million cycles with no maintenance required throughout its life.

In addition, our rotary shear valves have been proven to last up to 24 times the life of competing valves.

Easy To Integrate

Our pumps are programmable and easy to integrate as they use the Cavro® protocol and hence can be used as a seamless replacement for industry standard pumps. They also utilize standard communication protocols (RS232, RS485 or CAN ) and mounting configurations used by other compact syringe pump designs, thereby eliminating expensive and time-consuming re-development.

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