Biovac 106 with 4 L PP Jar

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Biovac 106 with 4 L PP Jar by Welch

Aspiration and Filtration Station

With the Aspiration System Biovac 106, fluids can be removed easily and very precisely from slides, petri dishes, cell culture containers, etc., by using different pipettes or glass tips and Pasteur pipettes which can be easily
con­nected to the handvac pipettor. The Biovac 106 is switched on and off directly at the device or the optionally available foot switch.

A float valve stops the bottle from being overfilled and protects the pump. An in-line hydrophobic filter gives additional protection.

A wide range of accessories allows the user to customize the Biovac 106 depending on their specific needs.


  • Aspiration of biological, medical liquids and fluids
  • Cell Culture Aspiration
  • Disposal of biological and medical fluids
  • Rinsing of sample cultures


  • Superior chemical resistant diaphragm pump with long service life
  • Automatic Flow-Stop when 4 liter receiver is full
  • Hydrophobic Filter for bacteria-, virus d = 55 mm, up to a pore size min 0.22 μm
  • Rapid-action coupling hose connectors with automatic isolation valves

The biovac 106 comes as a compact and portable aspiration system containing an integrated resistant diaphragm pump, providing pressure up to 100mbar and flow rate of 12 litres/minute.

This aspiration system (biovac 106) comes with two sizes 0f autoclavable receiver a glass 2-litre and polypropylene 4-litre versions, in addition, an added HandVac pipettor is included which is ideal for easy and precise fluid removal from slides, Petri dishes, cell culture containers and other containers.

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