BasePump Syringe Pump

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TriContinent offers a selection of BasePump syringe pumps designed to meet the broad needs of the market. A variety of valves, piston seal designs, and syringe barrel sizes provide a convenient selection at a reasonable price. Each TriContinent BasePump syringe pump is manufactured under stringent quality control standards that produce syringe pumps recognized in the industry for their reliability and accuracy. Time-tested and proven in the field, TriContinent BasePump syringe pumps provide a low-cost alternative to in-house or customized syringe pump designs.

BasePump Syringe Pump with No Valve

The most basic TriContinent pump offers a smart alternative to custom designs or an excellent, affordable replacement option for manufacturers who have previously built their own syringe pumps. The stepper motor/leadscrew syringe pump integrates time-tested mechanical and fluidic designs that serve in a variety of applications.

BasePump Syringe Pump with Valve

This syringe pump includes a drive motor for a shear valve. Designed to be the primary syringe pump in a two-syringe diluter system or a single-syringe diluter/dispenser, the BasePump syringe pump can be used with other syringe pumps to meet a wide range of liquid handling requirements.


The three-way valve has a polycarbonate body with a high-density polyethylene core and can last over 1,000,000 cycles in chemically compatible applications. A nylon valve body is also available.

See TriContinent’s AccuPump2 for an alternative syringe pump similar to the BasePump but with control electronics. AccuPump2 includes a TriContinent controller PCBA which provides ready-to-use interfaces for single or multiple syringe pump use.

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