AT400 ALD System by ANRIC

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AT400 ALD System by ANRIC Technologies

The AT400 ALD system is designed to utilize costly precursors in an efficient way, thereby limiting the amount that needs to be removed after each half cycle (speeding up the process) and reducing the wasted precursor.

Many researchers would benefit from having access to thin films grown by atomic layer deposition (ALD) but do not want or do not have access to the funds necessary to purchase ALD deposition equipment currently on the market. Thus, there is a need for deposition equipment optimised for growing conformal thin films at smaller scales at a reasonable cost. The AT400 ALD system accomplishes those goals and fills a space in the market that is underserved with current tools.


  • Chamber designed and optimized for typical R&D substrates
  • Large Substrate and Precursor Temperature Ranges
  • User controllable process pressure control
  • Up to five ALD precursor sources at one time
  • System is completely metal sealed upstream of sample
  • Fast cycling capability
  • High aspect ratio deposition with excellent conformality
  • Precise precursor dosing with defined dose volumes
  • Robust 7” touchscreen PLC control system
  • Simple system maintenance and safety interlocks
  • Smallest footprint on market, clean room compatible
  • User defined sample fixturing available

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