Apiezon W Wax 500g Packet

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Apiezon W Wax 500g Packet

Apiezon Wax W is hydrocarbon wax designed for sealing joints of a permanent nature.

Apiezon waxes are ideal for use where a rigid permanent or semi-permanent sealed joint is required. It is the first choice wax for most situations, offering efficient joint sealing over the widest temperature range, the most resistance to attack by acids and alkalis, the lowest vapour pressures, the most resistance to water and, for such a versatile wax.

Wax W is also available in stick form offering fast and convenient application. A single stick can simply be heated at the site of application with a small blow torch or Bunsen burner.

They are excellent waterproof mediums providing a total seal against liquid water and offer superior sealing against water vapour and atmospheric moisture.

Apiezon waxes are used in the manufacture of silicon transistors and integrated circuits.

Why Use Apiezon Waxes?

  • Versatile products suitable for a multitude of uses
  • Etch resist (Wax W only)
  • First-rate vapour pressure characteristics
  • High purity combined with powerful ‘gettering’ & clean meltdown properties
  • Excellent waterproof media
  • Easy to use and to remove
  • 10 year shelf life

The Apiezon range of vacuum greases, oils, waxes and sealing compound are sold through a comprehensive worldwide distribution network.

AVT Services is proud to represent Apiezon.

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