APG100-XLC NW16 Active Pirani Vacuum

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The Edwards APG100-XLC Active Pirani Vacuum Gauge (Corrosion Resistant Platinum/Iridium Filament) contains a NW16, KF16 flange, is compact for easy installation, has a linear output, and a user replaceable sensor tube. The new Edwards gauges are compatible with all Edwards TIC, ADC, TAG instrument controllers and other active gauge controllers and displays. They are also CSA, C/US approved as well as fully RoHS compliant due to their lead-free construction. Pressure range down to 10-4 Torr. Signal cable and controller not supplied. The signal cable and vacuum gauge controller are sold separately. The instruction manual for these Edwards APG100 series gauges is available in PDF format below. The APG100 is available in two versions: the ‘M’ version (contains standard Tungsten/Rhenium filament) can measure pressure down to 10-3 Tor and is suitable for general applications; the ‘LC’ version (contains corrosive resistance Platinum/Iridium filament) can measure pressure down to 10-4 Torr and is also suitable for use in corrosive applications. These Edwards APG100-XM Active Pirani vacuum gauges with corrosive resistance Platinum/Iridium filament and NW16 vacuum flange are new with Edwards part number D02603000.

The APG100 can be mounted in any orientation however the gauge tubes are individually factory calibrated in nitrogen whilst vertical. For correct pressure indication in your chosen gauge orientation, the gauge should be recalibrated at atmospheric pressure. Edwards recommends mounting the gauge tube vertical in order to minimize the build up of process particulates and condensable vapors within the gauge. he APG100 is calibrated for use in nitrogen, and will read correctly with dry air, oxygen and carbon monoxide. For any other gas type a conversion is required in order to obtain the correct pressure reading, common gases: nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, helium, krypton and neon.

Features Include:

  • Easy Access to signal cable with compact enclosure
  • Sensor bakable to 150°C (300°F) and sensor is user replaceable
  • Adjustable set point for simple process control and interlocking
  • Remote calibration possible
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Pressure range 10-4 Torr

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