Air-Z Premier – Air Displacement Pumps

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  • Excellent pipetting accuracy and precision
  • Ideal for moving small sample volumes
  • No cross-contamination and carry-over (e.g. ideal for transferring blood samples)
  • Reduced instrument maintenance as no valves, syringes or tubing required
  • Ideal for small instruments (Point of care)
  • Flexible: Various tip volumes options
  • Tip ejection
  • Integrated liquid level detection (pressure and capacitive)
  • Real time pressure data for aspirate and dispense verification
  • Tip presence sensor & clogged tip detection

High Performance Liquid Handling

The Air-Z Premier delivers excellent pipetting performance from a few microliters of liquid up to five milliliters with superior precision and accuracy.

It is a fully programmable, automated air displacement pump and comes with features that make your liquid handling workflow more secure and easy:

  • liquid level detection (pressure, capacitive and hybrid)
  • real-time pressure data
  • tip-loss detection and tip ejection

Air-Z Premier – Air Displacement Pumps by TriContinent

Secure Workflow

Our air displacement modules are the perfect solution where process security is key; applications like diagnostics, NGS or point-of-care instrumentation. By using disposable tips, our Air-Z pipetting modules prevent cross contamination and carryover during sample transfer or reagent aliquoting; providing the necessary safety in your workflow.

Compact Size and Maintenance-Free

The compact and lightweight design of the Air-Z pipetting modules makes them ideal for the usage in small instruments like point-of-care devices. In addition, they require reduced maintenance as no valves, syringes or tubing is needed; saving you time, reducing cost and providing a simpler instrument design.

Easy Integration

Our pipetting modules offer superior flexibility. Thanks to their simple mechanical interface they can be seamlessly integrated into any liquid handling OEM instrumentation. Whether for diagnostic or analytical equipment, the choice for rapid, reliable liquid handling has never been so easy.

Furthermore, they can be configured for single unit operation or address up to 15 pumps individually.

Preconfigured or Customized? You Decide.

We offer Air-Z in four preconfigured models – ranging from fully programmable to truly economical. For more special OEM applications, we offer customized designs, volumes and mounting options to your exact requirements. Developers can either use their own drivers, or choose a complete package that matches Air-Z pipetting modules with our optimized pump controllers.

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