Air-Z Legacy- Air Displacement Pumps

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  • Electronic air displacement pumps module in 3 configurations
  • Exceptional precision and accuracy
  • Configurable for mounting to a robotic arm
  • Interfaces with the M-Series motion controllers
  • Available in 200 μL, 1000 μL, 2000 μL and 5000 μL
  • Disposable Tip sizes 100 μL, 1000 μL, 2000 μL, 5000 μL
  • Tip Adapter option available

The Air-Z Legacy is TriContinent‘s most economical and compact air displacement pipette.

TriContinent Air-Z Legacy Series air displacement pumps are electronic air displacement pipette pumps designed to use liquid handling (XYZ) robotic systems. Thanks to TriContinent ADP pumps you can eliminate tubing and priming requirements usually associated with routine liquid handling tasks. At the same time, the precision and accuracy of the pump exceed that of any similarly sized handheld micropipette.

The compact and lightweight robotic pipette pump

The Air-Z Legacy’s simple mechanical interface makes it easy to integrate with liquid handling robotic systems. Developers can use their drivers for the Air-Z Legacy Series Pipette Pump or match the M-Series motion controller to provide a complete package.

Air-Z Legacy provides accuracy and precision for liquid handling applications

Syringe driven by the stepper motor will accurately and precisely handle fluid volumes from a few microliters to 5 milliliters. Using the TriContinent disposable tips, you can accurately and precisely perform sample transfers or reagent aliquoting without the risk of cross-contamination and carryover.

The flexibility of available configurations

TriContinent’s Air-Z Legacy Series air displacement pipette pumps are available version with or without the Proximity Sensor, as well as Instrument Ready configuration.

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