1.5 Person Glovebox

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1.5 Person Glovebox by Korea Kiyon

Basic composition

  • 1.5 Person (3 Glove ports) Glovebox:
  • Less than 1PPM of Oxygen and Moisture concentration Level inside
  • The box module 1,800(W) X 760(D) x 890(H)mm
  • Stainless steel design with polycarbonate window
  • Large antechamber (380 diag. x 500mm) with sliding tray / Mini- antechamber (150 diag. x 290mm)
  • Embedded inert gas purification system
  • Vacuum pump
  • High efficiency box filters
  • Casters and leveling feet
  • Korea Kiyon supply the best products by using the best parts verified by their own test.
  • Meet the demanding needs of users with constant investment and research
  • Korea Kiyon have achieved the best domestic and overseas performance and delivery
  • Glovebox is designed to provide a hermetically sealed and highly customized working space under a very tightly controlled.
  • Glovebox expansion features include additional antechambers for flow processes, cold storage freezers, process vacuum
    ovens and furnaces and full line of accessories.

Product ID: KK-011AS-EXTRA

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