Temescal Systems

Temescal Systems

The roots of a Temescal systems run deep, back to labs in Berkeley in the 1950s where they pioneered the first electron beam evaporation components and began patenting the first e-gun designs. Over the years, electron beam evaporation has become a well-established method for thin film coating, so well established that some might believe that a system is simply the sum of a vacuum chamber, an electron beam gun, and a high-voltage power supply.

For over a decade, Temescal has been dedicated to mapping and better understanding the dynamics of the flux cloud. Through extensive testing and research, the company have collected hundreds of vapour cloud maps and used these maps to advance and automate the process of Lift-off uniformity mask design. Now, Temescal systems incorporate this expertise in their Auratus deposition enhancement methodology, ensuring that your process is always harmonized to the cloud.

Temescal operates in Livermore, California.

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